New users
Qualified users
Rules for users
Acknowledgements and References to the b.IMAGE


New users
Before using any of the equipment of the b.IMAGE, new users must undergo through a training period. Although the lab responsible will be always available to help, the center encourages users to work independently.
New users should fulfill the Experimental Design Form and send it to the following email: This form will be evaluated by the Technician in charge of the respective equipment and the Scientific Coordinator of the Center that will define the necessary training scheme for the user. This form will help you to know if your experiment can be undertaken in the equipment and will help us to direct your training. Additioally if you have doubts we can discuss with you the specific experiment. To download the form click here. When a new user has been trained and validated as a qualified users, he/she will be allowed to book the equipment online (see on-line booking section).

Qualified users

For accessing the equipment qualified users must book it online. Whenever a qualified user has a new project, he/she must submit a new Experimental Design Form that will be evaluated and new training necessities as well as equipment availability agreed upon between the Center and the user. The equipment and the work-stations are often booked several days in advance, so we advice to check the equipment availability, at least a week in advance.

It is essential that all users respect the following rules: 
- ONLY qualified users are allowed to book the equipment;
- DO NOT use the facility without booking;
- DO NOT do over-booking;
- DO NOT let untrained users to operate the equipment, independently, in a qualified user booking period;
- ALL users are required to work under our standard operating procedures;
- Users have to record each session in the registration book available for each equipment and keep the equipment and the working areas clean;
- Qualified user must switch off the equipment if nobody is going to use it afterwards;
- If a qualified user books a session and is not going to attend, he/she must cancel the reservation as soon as possible; this will assure the optimization of the equipment usage; if a session is booked before you, please inform this user (see contact in the scheduler) so that he/she can shut down the equipment; in case you cannot contact the former user inform the researcher in charge of the equipment;
- Always accompany the shutdown procedure of the equipment until the end. Do not leave the computers on when you are the last user;
- Qualified users are responsible for leaving the equipment in optimal conditions for the following users;
- Qualified users must save the data out of the computers of the facility. To avoid massive storage 3-month old data will be periodically erased. Users are responsible for burning their own data (VERY IMPORTANT: check the storage device for viruses before CONNECTING TO THE COMPUTERS OF THE FACILITY).

PLEASE INFORM THE LAB RESPONSIBLE IMMEDIATELY about any problems you have had with the equipment or the workstations for them to be fixed as soon as possible!! (

Acknowledgements and References to the b.IMAGE

The Bioimaging center is a dynamic and continuously growing facility so, please, acknowledge the unit in your papers to demonstrate the involvement on research, supporting the upgrading of the current equipment or the acquisition of future ones.


“We thank the Bioimaging Center for Biomaterials and Regenerative Therapies (b.IMAGE) for help with confocal microscopy”
“The authors acknowledge the assistance of the Bioimaging Center for Biomaterials and Regenerative Therapies (b.IMAGE)”
In vivo imaging data were acquired using equipment maintained by the Bioimaging Center for Biomaterials and Regenerative Therapies (b.IMAGE)”
"Microscopy imaging was performed at the Bioimaging Center for Biomaterials and Regenerative Therapies (b.IMAGE) with the assistance of..."

Please send us the reference of your published work in which you have used our Center! That information will appear in our Publications section.

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